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Friday, July 17, 2015

Short Survey and Mortgage Bond Market Analysis

TGIF.  It's that time of week (almost party time - at least for some).  Before you get started let me provide you with a few bits of info regarding the data that was released this morning:  The CPI, both headline and core, came in exactly as expected and shows a little inflation.  Housing starts came in at 1174, somewhat above the expectations of 1123.  The whopper with extra cheese is the Building Permits which was expected at 1150 but destroyed expectations by coming in at 1343, also substantially higher than last month's reading of 1250.  The only disappointing reading was the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index which was still strong at 93.3 but a fair amount below expectations of 96.5.

I would very much appreciate it if you would take a minute or two to complete this survey for me so that I can know how to serve you best.  Thanks for your time and make it a great day and a better weekend.

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