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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southern Nevada Realtors Mastermind Group facebook page

Henderson, NV - I just launched a facebook page - Southern Nevada Realtors Mastermind Group - for the purpose of having a forum where Southern Nevada Realtors could share their ideas and experience regarding marketing, short sale transactions, and anything else that my help fellow Realtors get more deals closed in a timely fashion.  I would like to get title people, CPAs and attorneys on the site as well to draw upon their expertise. 

There is a discussions page where you can start an original discussion or post a good article you have found (please give proper credit to the author).  I also have an Events tab where we can share events that would be of interest to those who are on the site.  Seminars, webinars, lunch-and-learns, and charity events  along with special entertainment would be good things to include here.

A links tab will allow everyone to share links to sites that will get us to a great article or a valuable resource.

I want this site to be of benefit to all the professionals who use it.  Feel free to make suggestions as to what else the site could have to benefit the community, after all, it is your site.


Las Vegas Mortgages said...

Hi Jed,

I come across some really useful information from being in the mortgage industry and I'd be happy to share my findings on your site. Keep up the good work and like what you're doing to bring people in the real estate community together!!

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